If I'm Being Honest

I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley, Lindsay Lohan, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Matilda, and Madeline. I am 100% sure this is why I want to work with young girls and women. And, to be honest, I've fantasized about working at a boarding school in Paris somewhere just like in Madeline, where I mentor a little girl and make those important emotional connections. 

I'm sitting here watching The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version, of course) and realizing just what an impact these movies have had on my life. I love the short scenes at the beginning of the movie where the "girls" (side note, who else was shocked when they found out that Lindsay in fact did NOT have a twin?!) are making new friends and having a great time at camp. I loved how in Madeline all of the girls slept in the same large room and navigated different peer relationships. I love the stories the little girl told in A Little Princess (even though at 28 it still makes me cry every time when she's trying to get her amnesiac father to recognize her). 

Sure, some girls have an experience with a doctor at a young age and want to go into medicine. Some girls are impacted by an ill family member, others have a family member in the armed forces and grow up wanting to serve their country. Still others grow up with examples of self-starters and entrepreneurs and want to go into business...

I grew up watching movies of unrealistic summer camp/boarding school experiences and wanted to become a den mother. Same/Same.